The New Year is coming – it is time to make a winter jam

Империя Джемов
The New Year is coming – it is time to make a winter jam
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Store sweets are progressively replacing jam and confiture from a daily diet.

Store sweets are progressively replacing jam and confiture from a daily diet. However, there are many reasons in favour of a delicacy made from berries and fruits: 

After heat treatment, fruit and berries still contain many useful elements. 

When cooked, sugar turns into fructose and glucose – substances more healthful for the body. In small amounts, they are even included in a dietary nutrition. 

Raspberry jam with tea is a great remedy for colds. It contains salicylic acid producing an anti-inflammatory and antipyretic effect. Goodies from other berries contribute to recovery as well. They include sea buckthorn, cranberries, dogwood, etc.

Benefits for heart and circulatory system, thyroid and locomotor system. 

Winter Jam

Who said jam is cooked only in the summer and the autumn? In the winter, one can please children with a fresh treat. A winter jam is usually made from heat-loving fruit harvested during the cold season. The resulting product is steeped with romance and magic, like the Christmas tree covered with serpentine. Out-of-the-box recipes are great due to their novelty; provide an opportunity to experiment, as well as surprise the near and dear ones with unconventional tastes and flavours. One can enjoy a winter jam until the spring and later when season of tangerines and persimmons is far behind. 

Amazing Options for Winter Treats:

Dried apricots jam is really exciting. Sweet lovers claim this recipe gives a head start to a more conventional jam made from fresh apricots. 

Many people associate fresh tangerines with the New Year. Smell and taste of tangerines in cans is a great way to prolong the holiday for several weeks. 

Persimmon is a very tasty yet tender and perishable fruit. Ripe fruit cut into pieces are suitable for cooking. The resulting colour is appetizing while the taste is just a fairy tale! 

Finally, here are a few options of a therapeutic winter jam. In late autumn and winter, one can make a jam from quince – a fruit many people cannot eat fresh. The fruit is useful for asthmatics. A lot of sugar is needed for lemon and ginger jam yet the benefits of such an exotic treat are undeniable. It helps to improve the immune system, avoid frequent colds, and quickly cope with the ailments typical for a cold winter weather. 

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