Jam in buckets in bulk from the manufacturer

We offer to buy jam from the manufacturer in Moscow

Do you remember what Carlson loved the most? Jam! That’s right. A universal product for sweet-lovers and not only. There is nothing tastier than a jar of your favorite jam. It can be opened for tea or used as a sweetener, filler, decoration for baking, ice cream and sweet foods. Without jam, life would be different.

This popular dessert, which can be either an independent dish (just a spoon), or a luxurious sweet addition. Jam contains only natural berries and fruit, sugar, no harmful ingredients. Moreover, it has got the manufacturer’s care for the consumer in each jar. Berries are boiled with sugar, preserving all its taste, aroma, rich color and benefits. The finished product is packed in sealed glass containers (yoke) or food grade plastic and sent to customers.

Why is our jam useful? The berries and fruit used in it are subjected to minimal heat treatment and do not undergo changes from mechanical influences. All juices, integrity and energy of the fetus remain in the jar of jam.

For production, only ripe fruit with high natural sweetness are used, due to which the use of sugar is minimized without compromising the taste.

We have been a leader in the production of preserves and jams in Russia for 16 years. Our quality is verified by time and love of buyers. We care about every consumer and provide a unique product.

There is never too much jam

In our assortment, there are jams from various raw materials:

  • apricot;
  • cowberries;
  • cherry;
  • pear;
  • cranberries;
  • grapes;
  • red and black currants;
  • gooseberries;
  • raspberries;v
  • sea buckthorn;
  • strawberry;
  • plum;
  • blueberries;
  • mix of wild berries.

For the production of jam, we use only high-quality proven fruit and we are fully responsible for our products to the consumer.

Big and small wholesale. For a cozy and tasty tea, in addition to pancakes and fritters, for cottage cheese cake and semolina. For industrial confectionery and home baking. For ice cream, mousse or pudding. In a milkshake. Our jam is good everywhere. Indeed, there is never too much good jam!

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