HoReCa toppings wholesale from the manufacturer

We offer to buy toppings in bulk from the manufacturer in Moscow

Jam Empire is one of the well-known manufacturers of toppings in bulk in Russia. Due to the thick consistency that does not flow on any surface, toppings are an ideal tool for decoration. All our products have certificates, convenient packaging (plastic liter bottles), and may be stored for up to 12 months.

Our toppings are not a third-party product, but our own production. We offer dealers the most favorable conditions for successful cooperation. We are located in Moscow, here we produce and without any problems will deliver to you any consignment — from a kilogram to a ton.

Coffee houses and bars are our loyal and regular customers. That, no matter how topping, gives such unlimited possibilities and taste options when preparing different types of coffee, hot chocolate, cocoa, as well as milkshakes. With toppings, just in a minute twenty amazing cocktails with different tastes may be obtained from a milk base.

What are toppings used for?

To decorate:

  • ice cream;
  • cake;
  • gateau;
  • pancakes;
  • puddings;
  • baked puddings;
  • muesli;
  • cocktails;
  • cocoa, coffee.

This is the most modest basic list of toppings. Homogeneous or containing fruit and berry slices topping will make any dessert, drink, confectionery unforgettable in taste.

All varieties of toppings have a rich taste, color and aroma. They can be added on top of the finished dish, as well as used as a filling for sweet pastries; especially fruit toppings are good for this purpose. And the tastes of Caramel, Chocolate, Hazelnut, Mocha and ask for coffee-glass, ice or cappuccino.

The traditional use of toppings for making and dispensing ice cream makes them indispensable for the «sweet-cold» industry, the products of which are loved by everyone, both children and adults.

Topping is not only delicious, it is also beautiful. With topping, a cold treat gains individuality, and a variety of sweet sauces will help everyone find ice cream to their taste. When selecting toppings for ice cream, we took into account all the possible nuances of the taste of consumers, and we continue our work to expand the range, constantly monitoring demand among customers.

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