Desserts in a doy pack wholesale from the manufacturer

We offer to buy desserts in bulk from a factory in the Moscow region

Is it possible to imagine at least one solemn feast without delicious and beautiful desserts? Confectionery art allows you to create real sweet masterpieces that are even a pity to eat. Every day, confectioners come up with more and more sweets so that children and adults can feast on them.

Our company uses only natural ingredients for the preparation of sweets. No flavors or additives. Only high-quality fruit, berries, chocolate, caramel. We produce horeca desserts for cafes, restaurants, and the confectionery industry.

Our goal is to make high-quality natural desserts affordable and of a high quality. And we are quite successful. Many wholesale buyers believe that our sweets are in first place among similar products that can be found in Russia. And we also offer good discounts and various bonuses to our regular wholesale customers.

Production of desserts in doy-pack packaging

One of the options for the packaging we use is doy-pack. This is a modern, beautiful and very practical packaging for storing different types of food products. The soft bottom may be flattened or spread. In the second case, the package does not fall and can be displayed vertically.

Making desserts today is an actively developing field of catering, the line of which includes a wide selection of sweet products: from puddings to custards.

The production of desserts is subject to increased requirements, as well as their individual ingredients.

Here are the benefits of doy-pack packaging:

  • You can give a different shape during use.
  • The entire surface of the package is a continuous space for applying advertising information.
  • Safe transportation and storage. Doy-pack maintains its integrity during bumps and falls, unlike glass.
  • Up to 99% of the contents can be removed from the packaging. An obvious advantage for consumers.
  • Convenient location on store shelves.
  • Some doy-pack options allow you to heat the product without removing it from the package.

Doy-pack packaging also provides reliable weathering protection for liquid and viscous products. We use such packaging to make the sale and consumption of sweets more convenient.

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