Fruit drink wholesale from the manufacturer

We offer to buy basics for fruit drinks from berries from the manufacturer in Moscow

We use aromatic, natural bases in the production of fruit drinks, with a pleasant acidity and excellent taste in the form of mashed berries, which are pasteurized with sugar syrup.

In our basics for fruit drinks, there are no preservatives, dyes, artificial flavors. Only eco-friendly, grown in safe places, fully ripened berry is used. The basis for fruit drinks is not afraid of freezing, preserving all the properties, and can be stored for a year at sub-zero temperatures. In a refrigerator in a sealed package, the berries will retain all their properties for a month.

The concentrate of vitamins and berry flavor has a pleasant uniform consistency and intense rich aroma, which remains after adding water in the finished fruit drink.

We sell fruit drinks in large and small wholesale throughout Russia!

The healing power of fruit drinks

Everyone knows about the benefits of fruit drink. This natural refreshing drink, which consists of water, mashed berries/fruit and sugar, is indispensable not only in the summer, in the heat, but also especially in the winter. The history of fruit drink has many centuries, and its exceptional useful properties are due to the components in its composition.

All berries are healthy, especially grated with pulp, preserving the richness of fiber and vitamins. A base for fruit drinks in the form of grated fruit with sugar is a real discovery for homemakers.

The ancient healers prescribed fruit drinks to patients for speedy recovery. Raspberries, cranberries, lingonberries are classic berries that help fight colds, gastrointestinal and other diseases. However, to prepare fruit drinks yourself takes a long time. In addition, for its preparation at any time of the year you need to have a supply of fresh berries, which is not always possible in real life.

Fruit drinks improve the work of the esophagus, remove viruses and cleanse the body.

  • cowberry fruit drink will help to eliminate any cold, raise appetite, normalize the stomach;
  • fruit juice from cranberries will be an excellent antipyretic, increase tonus and act as a prophylactic for diseases of the genitourinary system;
  • raspberry fruit juice will relieve infection, reduce heat, relieve fever, and strengthen immunity.

With our tasty and healthy basics for fruit drinks, life becomes healthier and easier!