Jam in packing doy-pack wholesale from the manufacturer

We offer to buy tasty jams in doy-pack in bulk

What could be tastier than jam? Only your favorite jam. This sweet product is prepared from a wide variety of fruit and berries, with sugar and gelling agents added to them. Jam does not flow, it is convenient to spread it on bread, in sand baskets or just eat with a spoon.

To make jam truly tasty and healthy, it must be made from quality raw materials and in compliance with all technologies. This product will bring true pleasure to both a homemaker, and a professional pastry chef, and all the sweet tooth.

A pronounced fruity or berry taste, dense texture, bright color, attractive appearance of individual pieces of fruit and berries — that’s why jam is loved and respected. Various baked goods, confectionery, ice cream are cooked with it, used to decorate convenience foods. Jam is a ready-made filling that does not flow.
If you need confectionery materials specifically for baking, you can choose special jams with a thicker consistency.

Why are our jams so popular? There are a number of reasons for this:

  • Any tastes: traditional fruit and berries, as well as true exotic.
  • Convenient packaging in plastic or glass.
  • Compliance with all production standards.
  • Storage for up to 12 months without loss of taste.

Production of jams in doy-pack packaging

Doy-pack packaging appeared in 1963 thanks to the idea of Luis Doyen. This Thimonnier engineer created a plastic bag with a wide bottom that made the entire package stand upright. The bottom is flexible, and all the walls are fastened with five seams.

Today, doy-pack goods may be found on store shelves everywhere. Such packaging as a great alternative to ordinary bottles, cans, pails and other types of containers.

Features of doy-pack packaging

  • Prevents moisture and odors from penetration.
  • Protects contents from exposure to sunlight. Jam or other products do not deteriorate during prolonged storage in such containers.
  • Food can be reheated in the microwave directly in the package.
  • Provides more convenient storage and transportation.
  • The container is resistant to mechanical stress, does not break.