Low-calorie Treats Make Women Sweet

Империя Джемов
Low-calorie Treats Make Women Sweet
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Women are natural sweet-toothed. Physiologically, they are much prone to sweets than men.

Women are natural sweet-toothed. Physiologically, they are much prone to sweets than men. It is indescribably difficult to resist it; yet, sometimes, the reason for putting up extra pounds is about desserts. What to do when one loses weight and sweets are banned? 

One can sweeten the pill and to stay on a diet if a few low-calorie and harmless to the body sweets are included into the diet. Clearly, one will still have to give up a lot of dessert as nutritionists prohibit 99% desserts. The remaining 1% includes goodies not preventing weight loss. Those treats are healthful if consumed moderately as they contain: 

  • pectin to improve digestion;
  • glucose useful for mental activity and a fast energy source for a person.

Besides, sweet treats contribute to happy hormones production. When a woman is filled with a good mood, it is easier for her to limit herself in food consumption and go through stressful situations. 

What Sweets are Low-calorie? 

The category includes foods containing sugar, fructose, sweeteners, at that their caloric value is under 150kCal. In terms of calories, such food is subject to less stringent requirements compared to regular food, since a limit of 100 kcal is applied for dietary meat, fish, and various cereals. The 50kCal-discount for sweets is due to the fact those contain sugar. 

Tips for Low-calorie Sweets 

A woman wishing to lose weight should not immediately introduce a variety to her diet after studying tables, dietary regimens and other information on the Internet. Be sure to consult a specialist. If one puts their desires at the forefront and ignores a nutritionist's instructions, then sugar consumed can negate all efforts aimed at weight loss. General recommendation are the following: 

Eat sweets exclusively in the morning. In this case, desserts boost strength and energy and are not a burden for the body. On the contrary, desserts cause only harm and generate extra pounds if eaten in the evening. 

A woman suffering from diabetes or obesity degree II is unlikely to benefit even from low-calorie sweets. In such situations, one definitely has to consult a dieting or nutrition specialist. 

Diets differ. If a diet contains only carbohydrates, one has to give up any sweets not to overdo with calories. Another thing is a protein diet or a low-calorie fasting. With such restrictions, one can diversify their diet with sweets considering the number of added calories, of course. 

Since, it is about low-calorie products, a modest 100-200 grams per day do not spoil the overall picture. The added calories fit into daily norm and do not lead to exceeding it. Here is a list of available low-calorie treats: 

  • canned fruit;
  • jams;
  • jelly;
  • crab apple jam;
  • soufflé;
  • puddings;
  • sorbet ice cream;
  • sweet diet snack bars;
  • parfait.

        One can combine the useful with the pleasant and not to rigidly limit oneself in everything. A good mood is a great assistant in pursuing the perfect body. Be slim and healthy! 


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